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Nashville Christmas Crawl 2.0 2018 Edition

Cory & I have loved hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party since we were first married almost 11 years ago but! Last year, we decided to change it up. We did a Christmas Crawl instead in historic Germantown. It was a total BLAST! This year, we decided to do it again but change up the location!

And yes, we definitely still wear our ugly / tacky Christmas gear!

Before I share more, if you’re not already planning on it, you should plan a holiday trip to Nashville STAT to enjoy the festive locales this city has to offer during the Christmas season!

Stop #1: Bobby Hotel

Our first destination was planned because of the amazing seasonal IGLOOS! they have on their rooftop this holiday. Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather, the rooftop bar was closed. We made the best of it and enjoyed their gorgeous, eclectic hotel lobby and their yummy cocktails & bar snacks. The first time I went to Bobby, the service was terrible; I’m happy to say that was completely remedied! Our server was AMAZING, she made us feel at home and had a blast checking out our Christmas outfits too!

Stop #2: Noelle, Miracle at Hidden Bar

Yep, Christmas exploded in here and it is totally awesome.









If you’re wanting to experience an explosion of Christmas decorations & spirit in a small space, go to this pop-up bar! From the moment you walk in, it feels like you are in Christmas wonder-land. The amazing thing is, the entire cocktail menu is Christmas themed and each of them are served in specific Christmas themed drink ware. Make sure to make your rounds around the space, so you can have your photo taken by the “Noel” candle wall, with the stuffed polar bear and by the gift wall!

The most impressive cocktail was the Cookie for Santa: it has a white-chocolate snow ball (the round ball of ice is covered in white chocolate!).

Expect to wait in line to get in but it moves fast!

Stop #3: Deacon’s, New South

Deacon’s menu is fantastic and with their 3-bar areas, we could find a place that could seat 10 people without reservations. Of course, we ordered the skillet yeast rolls. Each couple got burgers, they are HUGE and delicious. Deacon’s cocktail menu doesn’t disappoint either.

Stop #4: Hermitage Hotel

Our crawl wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the Hermitage Hotel. This Nashville staple has the most gorgeous lobby, decorated with glamorous and traditional decorations.

Make sure to visit the men’s restroom, it’s got a really cool history and there have been many photoshoots & music videos recorded there! I thought our friends were playing a joke on me to go inside, but you men & women alike can go inside!

Visit to the Men’s Restroom

Stop #5: Fleet Street Pub

If you love British pubs, Fleet Street is a must-stop. They have a comprehensive beer offering on tap (we prefer Boddington’s!) and their menu is classic British fare but delicious!

The guys loved that they had darts.

Food Recap!

Fleet Street Chips with Bacon & Cheese
Not your traditional wings but DELISH.
In the Noelle Hotel lobby
Nope, we didn’t have fun at all.

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