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Working Hard, is Worth It

I’ve learned over the last year & a half, that making a lifestyle change takes time, intentionality, commitment and grace. Those are things that seem to fly in the face of society (everything should be quick, easy, intuitive).

This pic is from 7 years ago after I had participated in an insane weight-loss program. I was sick of being chubby. Sick of trying fad-diets and had honestly, lost total self-control when it came to what I ate. In summary, I was not confident in how I looked and DESPERATE to feel better about how I looked, to lose weight and have my self-confidence back about my physical appearance…& so, I found a “doctor-monitored,” expensive, medical weight-loss program that promised to deliver results in 3 months…

I had 30 pounds to lose and I was so stuck in my old routine mindset habits that I decided to do this. For three months, I ate 600 calories a day…that equalled THREE shakes, I could have water and that’s it. You know what, when you’re on that kind of a diet, you DO lose the weight (shocking! I know). Even though this clinic monitored me weekly, held classes to educate you on how to eat afterwards…you know what happened when I started to put on some weight? I didn’t know how to lose it the right way, so I gained it all back.

It helped me realize how true it is, that to get the long-term results you want, you have to put in some HARD work over time to get there. That’s what I want to share and celebrate with you guys. Over the last year and a half, Cory and I had to completely reset and re-commit ourselves to find our true health. We also had to understand that we wouldn’t magically lose weight; that it would take some work. That it would take time and intentionality to reset 30+ years of habits and that it would take us paying attention not only to how our bodies looked but also how it felt and and reacted to foods. Working hard for something is rewarding! That it taking time, actually helps to reset your habits and will lead to a lifetime of maintenance versus falling back into the same old traps and habits.

I actually love it now, when I am out and about and someone tells me that I look great… I can honestly tell them thank you with a smile and also share, that yes, I worked really hard and I’m continuing to. We have laid the foundation for a commitment of eating to fuel our bodies with the right food fuel 80% of the time and allowing ourselves to enjoy the rest because you know what, you gotta live a little!

I’m also trusting my fitness program to deliver the expected benefits, by attending regularly and giving 100% each workout (I still have bad days though! and that’s ok! I am always proud of myself for showing up). Also, mindset is so important…instead of just looking at the mirror {which sometimes I still struggle with thinking that I’m chubby because I thought it was for so long!} that’s a mental reset as well. Instead, I focus on how my clothes fit instead my reaction in the past, if my clothes were feeling a little bit tight… I’ll just go shop for some more instead of resetting my diet & working a little bit harder to get back to where I want to be.

I don’t know if any of you can identify with this or not. I think it’s just always so encouraging for me to know that the people that I admire for their fitness or admire their bodies etc. are the ones I know work hard for it. It wasn’t just given to them via their genes and instead they are being mindful and intentional just like we are.

I look forward to continue sharing my journey to health with y’all and hope in turn, it helps some of you on your own journey!

“Being a healthy woman isn’t about getting on a scale or measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters – on how we feel and how we feel about ourselves.” ~ Michelle Obama

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