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Low Budget Finds I’m Loving This Winter

I’m alllllll about finding quality pieces at a value price. Here are some new ones I am loving. Sorry for the short post but I mean c’mon, how much can I wax poetic about things you buy…keep it brief and let you get straight to shopping, amiright?!

Blue Camo Athletic Jacket from Walmart … even the manager at LuLu the other day complimented my jacket. She couldn’t believe it was from Walmart.

Sarah Briggs Small Hoop earrings. $20. I’m wearing these on the daily; the perfect little earring for a person on the go!

These shoes from Adidas are SO comfortable and apparently, they’re on trend (and have been for a while haha!). I’m loving these white shoes and they’re a steal at about $40. I got them at a steal for Black Friday 🙂

Lululemon Double Up Pouch / Clutch – this thing has made being on-the-go and still stylish SO easy! They have it in black and a beautiful maroon color this season.

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