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Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home: My Personal Review of One that Works!

A smile as brilliant as you are!

My personal results!

I love to smile; most people who know me, will comment on how happy I am. I believe that is because I am a big smiler.

Unfortunately, my teeth have been yellowing gradually over the years. I don’t need a blinding-white (looks like veneers) teeth BUT I do want them to look fresh & healthy. I have always had sensitive teeth too…not the best combination for teeth whitening 😉 

In the past, I had gotten trays for my teeth, for whitening gel from the dentist and it had worked successfully (this was in college) but the trays from the dentist can be pricey & you have to go in for a fitting, etc. 

Anyway, flash back about a year ago, I started to try different things to bring my teeth back to a more white state…mild whitening gel (at the dentists) and that did nothing. I moved up to strong whitening gel and it still, did nothing. I even tried one of those direct sales tooth pastes and barely saw a change. For my next dentist visit, I asked about another alternative…there was a $500 whitening (light treatment) I could do. When I asked about their guarantee about customer satisfaction, I got some really weird looks and was told no, you just pay for the treatment without guarantee it will work. 

With all of those options tested or not available (because who wants to pay that much $ for a light treatment!?), I figured I would just move on and be ok with my yellowing teeth. 

That’s when Smile Brilliant contacted me and asked if I would be willing to try their teeth whitening system. I jumped at the chance. Why? Convenience & their GUARANTEE! Y’all, they have a 100% money back guarantee. Plus, I love that I can pop in my trays at night while getting the kids ready for bed, watching Netflix or reading a book as I wind down from the day. Bonus: Cory was sent one to try too!

This company makes it SO easy to get started: you order your kit, once it arrives, you use the blue trays to make molds of your teeth. I thought this might be difficult but we had an easy time with it. We mailed it back to the company and within the week, we had our new trays…whitening time!

Do you remember me saying above that my teeth are sensitive? They are. That’s another reason I love Smile Brilliant – they not only provide a teeth whitening gel but they also provide a Desensitizing Gel that basically takes away any chance of your teeth being irritated by the gel & BONUS! it helps to prevent restaining. 

You can see a photo of my results above and my husband’s below. We are SO happy!

What’s even better – I get to do a GIVEAWAY with Smile Brilliant!

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